Anti Virus

We do everything on our PC, and it includes our important assignment which we need to submit tomorrow, meaningful project work and much more. Most of us play games for entertainment, plays music and movies, hangouts and much more such things on our Windows PC. As we are doing all these things, it is always [...]

Every one of us uses PC, Laptop, or desktop to do our project works, assignments, and we also save some critical files in it. Moreover, we sync those sensitive data across all our devices. We also share our PC with every one of our friends when needed. Do you ever think of that Confidential data [...]

Have you observed that your PC is not functioning correctly as expected? Have you found some of your important files have been missing frequently or are they getting deleted? Then it is the time to be safe. You need to make sure that your PC is free from virus or Trojans. We come across many [...]

Installing Antivirus in your PC is the first thing you need to do after installing the operating system. We do everything in our PC including preparing tomorrow’s presentation, project work, important notes and many more. We would be feeling bad if that important stuff gets removed without our notice. Yes, it does happen. Virus or [...]

Every one of us want to be safe both online and offline. We access various websites and download many files here and there. We normally copy files from external devices and sometimes we download them from the web. We are not sure of how secure they are. It has become very common in present days [...]

To have your PC running efficiently without being affected by any online or offline threats, then it needs to be installed with good antivirus software. It helps you to secure your identity and the vital information saved in your desktop. Choosing the right and apt antivirus software was a tedious task, but it is not [...]

Protecting your System from all kinds of threats is what the first thing you need to do after installing the Operating System. Whether it might be a PC or a Laptop, it is must and should be installed with the correct and powerful antivirus software. This helps you to protect your identity from being stolen [...]

Protecting the PC which we use regularly is our main task. We do lot of things on it including preparing and saving important documents, performs online transactions, visits websites and many more such things. With the revolution of World Wide Web (WWW) everything is made simple and accessible through a web browser and a URL. [...]